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Creative and Innovative Moreno Valley, CA Landscaping Service Experts

As a recognized leader in the provision of landscaping services in Moreno Valley, CA, we fully understand the important role first impressions play in enhancing the curb appeal of your home. This is why we have innovatively developed a full bouquet of landscaping ideas and services including sustainable landscape management, construction, landscape design, as well as water management services. Our clients range from commercial to residential with a geographic footprint that extends far and wide.

It doesn’t matter whether you have a single property or a number of sites, our professionals can give you trusted landscape investment advice and help you professionally manage all your environmental and horticultural needs.​

Our reputation for excellence keeps us well ahead of the other landscaping companies and all credits go to our trained team of professionals for fostering unparalleled customer service and a culture of commitment to community stewardship. With no single doubt in our minds, we can comfortably put it out to you that we are your most economical, ecological, and ethical among the existing landscaping companies in Moreno Valley, CA. 

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What We Do


Landscaping is no longer an aesthetic service targeted at the rich and wealthy, but an essential and value-adding service any property owner must consider. Whether you are trying to attain the highest possible resale value of your home, attracting potential buyers to your property, or you just want to make your home stand out from the rest, landscaping can be a make or break for you.

Our front yard landscaping ideas are geared towards making your home entrance clean and tidy. We all know that a neatly mowed and debris-free landscape gives the impression of a property that is well taken care of. Our elite landscaping services include:

Landscape Design

Through our team of certified designers, we passionately deliver landscape design ideas that help you to turn your landscape dreams into realities. So that we do not miss a single point, we allow our landscaper to meet with you in your home for the initial interview that consists of a series of questions customized to bring out the vision you have for your property.

Once the interview is complete, our landscape designers proceed to undertake a full analysis of the potential site. Thanks to the skillset and imagination of our designers, we develop a set of plans and landscape designs which capture every component of the design you are after. Our services here include irrigation layouts, construction details, landscape lighting plans, and perspective sketches. We also provide budgets and estimates for your review and a written up contract for the installation.

Landscape Construction

​Our full range of landscape construction services from the initial site preparation all the way to the final touches are characterized by quality workmanship targeted to meet your needs. We work extremely hard and always keep our customers informed on the progress of the project. Under landscape construction, we undertake the following tasks:

  • Landscape Lighting – Our creativity, innovation and sense of aesthetic come into play to expand your options through LED landscape lighting and create a beautiful nightscape. Our backyard landscaping ideas and garden lighting systems can help create a welcoming effect to your home, improve security as well as enhance the accent architectural features.

  • Walkways, Driveways and Patios – We choose the most durable and elegant landscaping rocks to add appeal to your outdoor living space, particularly the high traffic areas such as patios and walkways. We artistically combine the dynamics of shape, pattern and color to give you a wide array of design possibilities.

  • Computerized Irrigation Systems – We are champions of green technology and conservation of resources is at the heart of our landscape construction services. Our computerized irrigation systems are useful tools in ensuring proper water management without jeopardizing on the quality and efficiency of irrigation.

  • Tree and Shrub Planting – If you didn’t know, trees and shrubs can enhance the appeal of your landscape through a mixture of shapes, color, and sizes. The choice of color is totally your personal decision, but if you need help, our landscapers can assist you in selecting the best plants and positioning them in the right places within your property.

  • New Lawn Construction – We help you in building a new lawn by first assessing the site and taking note of important considerations such as drainage, surrounding conditions, the amount of top soil, the need for fertilization, and the type of irrigation to be installed. We also factor in landscape edging to give you the best of lawn appeals.

Landscape Maintenance​

We have an entire department dedicated to offering a variety of services geared at enhancing the appearance of your property. The services range from simple lawn raking and cleaning up of leaves to full maintenance programs. As always, our landscape maintenance services are highly customized to not only meet your needs, but also stay within your budget.

Irrespective of the size or complexity of the project, we give an equal measure of focus because that is what we are valued for in the areas we operate in. Some of the top landscaping services we offer include:

• Dethatching – In delivering this service, our professionals use a landscape rake with vertically spinning blades set at varying depths depending on the severity of your thatch problem. Our dethatching exercise is done carefully to ensure that your lawn stays intact and eliminate the need for reseeding due to dethatching injury.

• Gardening Services – We have biweekly, monthly and seasonal home landscape visitation programs where our landscape maintenance teams cultivate weed and maintain your flower, shrub and perennial beds.

• Pruning – We normally do pruning in spring, summer and fall. During spring, we undertake shrub renovation, cutting bark, thinning, and major reshaping. This allows your garden plants to utilize the rest of the season to recover. In summer pruning, our teams are involved more with maintaining and shaping plant size by clipping off new growths.

• Mowing and String Trimming – Using the best combination of landscaping equipment, we quickly mow your landscape while observing the highest standards to ensure a strong curb appeal.

• Fall Clean Up – Thanks to our grounds maintenance crews, we can quickly and easily clean up all fall debris using our assortment of blowers and equipment. We endeavor to remove the fall leaves thus leaving your property in shape for winter. 

How We Plan Landscaping Projects

​Because the areas our clients live in do not receive the ideal 75 degrees and all-year-around sunshine all of us want to have, we help our clients plan ahead when it comes to landscaping projects. This ensures that they get a clearer idea of how they want their outdoor space to look like and even save the money needed for the job.

Some of the important pointers we consider when planning a landscape project include:

  • Landscape Utilization – We establish how you will use your landscape whether it is for outdoor entertainment, privacy or simply to boost the curb appeal of your home.
  • Get Inspirations – We collect lots of landscaping images that attract you or visit garden centers and enlist the plants that capture your interest. Depending on the prevailing conditions in your area, we can recommend drought resistant landscaping as well.
  • Break Down Your Landscaping – Our landscapers identify in advance the areas of your property you want landscaped and break it up further into phases or projects as this will make your tasks more affordable and manageable.

Although many homeowners are tempted to do the landscaping themselves as opposed to hiring professionals, this may turn out to be expensive, time consuming, and less than picture perfect. If your property has drainage issues, slopes, or other types of engineering problems, we advise you to consider hiring our landscape architects and designers because they have the necessary tools and skills to deliver a beautifully done landscaping project in time and within budget.

​Why Hire Our Landscaping Services?

L We receive calls each and every day from our existing clients as well as potential clients who want us to do one thing or the other to bring their landscape and by extension their homes to the level of beauty and attraction they desire. We are not just chest-thumping and egoistic about our landscaping services, but we know that they are quality and up to the standard. Through our services, you will:

Save Your Precious Time

The time you will have to otherwise spend planning and researching on your lawn needs as well as driving out to stores in search of equipment, seeds, fertilizers, and all the things you need is enormous. This is excluding the recurring time commitment of landscape mowing and maintenance that you have to plan for. We have made it much easier and time efficient to take care of your landscape through our specialized teams.

Enjoy High Level of Expertise

We are highly trained and have been in this industry for ages doing what we love and get paid for – landscaping. Everything we do is calculated, measured and backed by our years of experience handling different landscaping jobs. Our results show for themselves, our level of commitment and diligence in our landscaping services.

Experience Huge Cost savings

Thanks to the volume of work, we do; we can easily subsidize our overhead to the advantage of our clients. Doing the landscape, yourself requires a lot of initial and recurring costs which can be avoided by simply calling or emailing our professional landscape contractors. We also use low voltage landscape lighting and green solutions such as solar landscape lighting which are much cheaper. If you want to join our long list of satisfied and happy clients, get in touch with us today by calling (951) 703-6602!

For all your landscaping needs, we're here for you.

Landscaping is what we do and we look forward to hearing from you soon.

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